Writing about kampong som resort

Beaches[ edit ] Sihanoukville's beaches are one of the province's most valuable economic resource with varying degrees of commercial exploitation. Discover Sokha Beach Resort affiliated with Worldhotels at the south of from Serendipity Beach pier by fast boat, many beautiful islands off the coast of.

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Song Saa is a luxury resort on a private, jungle-covered island. We use cookies to enhance user experience, ads and website performance. So, why exactly might the Chinese government choose to overlook the case of Sihanoukville?

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The city welcomes aboutvisitors per year, with the rapid growing of hospitality industry, bars and restaurants. Photo Credit: John Dough The twenty-something backpacker crowd has yet to disappear entirely, but since most of them desire fresh air and clear seas, the majority now hop ferries to idyllic islands only an hour away because cheap lodgings are no longer available in town.

One could drive down the main street, Ekareach, on a week night and encounter only a few cars and motorcycles.

writing about kampong som resort
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