Unit 503 diversity equality and inclu

There may be barriers for example, disability, language, poor health, accesswhich mean that, even though a choice is available in principle, it cannot be carried out in practice.

equal opportunities model

By providing service users with details of where they can seek support and advice regarding discrimination, will allow them to feel they have more choice and control over their lives. Accessed 07, These can quite often be in conflict with those of other people.

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Unit StudyMode. Thirdly, the choice should be autonomous.

Unit 503 diversity equality and inclu

Using self-evaluation in this way builds up the morale of the settings and rassures all involved that my setting is working to improve the quality and its effectiveness. If there are concerns that an individual may lack the mental capacity to make a decision, a competent person may complete an assessment of capacity. Hannah Greening Champion equality, diversity and inclusion Unit 3 1. Protected characteristics are: 1. I promote equality, diversity and inclusion within my work on a daily basis by accepting diversity and following the relevant policies and procedures. Service users should also be supported and encouraged to complain if they feel discriminated against or excluded. Miroslava Justusova Unit Champion equality, diversity and inclusion SHC53 Equality - is about creating a fairer society where everyone can participate and has the same opportunity to fulfil their potential. It makes their business more attractive to both potential employees and customers and helps them recruit and retain the best people. An individual may make what seems to be an unwise decision. Are you the same as a stereotypical idea based on your appearance, age gender etc? Therefore, it is very important that the manager has a clear understanding of morality and the meaning of moral decisions and how they are linked to health and social practice.

The duties of the care worker are clearly laid out in such documents, as well as in their contract of employment. Training on equality, diversity, and inclusion gives basic information about differences but stresses the uniqueness of each individual.

Treating all complaints seriously and dealing with them appropriately.

Difference and diversity model

This can be done by carrying out regular reviewing, monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of my systems and processes. They have a certain amount of protection for anyone who falls under their category of jurisdiction. Be able to manage the risks presented when balancing individual rights and professional duty of care 4. In other cases, one person may have two rights that conflict with each other. If you are unable to determine these or need further information regarding a particular aspect because you have identified an area that is not complied with or gives rise to a trend, then it is important that you do some further monitoring using a different tool. In recent years there has been a closer focus on individual autonomy and it has become essential to offer choice and empower individuals. This is known as institutional discrimination and can occur when attitudes such as "we have always done it this way" are commonplace. It also includes details of how improvements will be made and a timescale for any changes to take place. Firstly, there should be options available to choose from and people should know that they have a choice. Fulfilling all our legal obligations under the equality legislation and associated code of practice. Informed choice means that service users are encouraged to consider a range of options, that they have the decision, and share responsibility for the outcomes. Having diverse group of workers and service users simply means recognising that all the peopleare unique in their own way. Ask individuals using the service to speak to groups of workers about their experiences. There must be written policies, designed to reflect the rights and responsibilities of those living within the homes environment, also plans of actions are put into place to prevent future incidents within work place. Presentation on theme: "Unit Champion equality, diversity and inclusion"— Presentation transcript: 1 Unit Champion equality, diversity and inclusion Models of equality, diversity and inclusion Who are you?

When attempting to solve a problem, it is better to assemble a diverse team with many skills and many different ways of approaching the problem than it is to assemble a team that has all their strenght concentrated in one area.

Therefore, it is very important that the manager has a clear understanding of morality and the meaning of moral decisions and how they are linked to health and social practice.

When discrimination happens it may be not always be intentional it can be because of ignorance or lack of understanding. Regular staff meetings and supervisions aid this development. It is important to evaluate the effectiveness of the systems and processes, as this enables me to reflect on my current practice, celebrate my strenghts and achievements and also to ensure any gaps or shortfalls are addressed.

You may also find that the older generation of workers may not be a able to carry out some strenuous tasks that the younger generation may be able to do.

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