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They function as the trailer to a movie, giving away highlights, funny moments and creating high expectations.

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Despite this sharp rise to popularity there remains limited understanding of how design thinking is applied in practice and little empirical investigation into this subject. The first presents a scale of design thinking maturity based upon two perspectives of design thinking as a way of work and a way of life.

In addition, a handful of design and business professionals who deal with the term in their day-to-day profession were interviewed in order to support the research and to understand the variation of opinions regarding design thinking.

The evidence generated through this research provides a framework to assist the public and those who practice design thinking to better understand and articulate design thinking. Workshops are a happy place where creativity and problem solving converge. The thesis addresses the research problem through the exploration of the question: How does the design led professional understand and enact design thinking in practice?

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Workshops become an act of performance, bringing in together corporate trends in designthinking and consumer trends in self-help and entrepreneurial trends in D. In its compact format, a workshop presents the easy and attractive attributes about creative problem solving but little of the actual creative doing.

Importance of design thinking

Furthermore the aim is to understand the possible affects of design thinking phenomenon to the design community and domain. Office supplies can hardly erase work hierarchies. In particular, it takes a look at the role of the workshop as the quintessential entry point for designthinking education for a non-designer audience, especially entrepreneurs and companies. This research analyzes design thinking workshops in entrepreneurial and corporate contexts to understand how the self-help and D. Business leaders and managers have given a great deal of attention to design tools and methods in order to create novel ideas and innovation within their companies. During the past decade, design thinking has become a popular topic within design and especially business communities. Past the ubiquity of pens and notepads, these objects carry a meaning with them, whether acknowledged or not. It was found that the two discourses discuss and understand design thinking in different ways: the design discourse sees design thinking as a fundamental designer trait that mainly designers possess, when the business discourse understands design thinking more as tools and methods that can be adapted by anyone. The image is a symbol for designthinking and it not only informs people of what designthinking but also of what design is; it makes a synonym of both. A literature review was conducted for the thesis. The steps depend on whom or what organization is relaying the message and even then it is often treated as doxa, an undisputed common belief or popular opinion.
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PhD thesis: Design thinking in practice