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While ISPs argue that they provide a content-neutral service, cultural groups maintain that they operate as broadcasting undertakings and as such should be subject to the Act.

It is one of Canada's most innovative buildings courtesy CBC.

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Satirist Rick Mercer's witty approach to Canadian politics has made him a prominent political and social commentator photo courtesy Rick Mercer Report.

These contributed to a revised Broadcasting Act, which was adopted by Parliament in For instance, cultural groups tend to emphasize the use of Canadian creative resources, while distributors tend to stress economic objectives and the need for innovation.

The report, which was based on submissions from individuals, consumer groups, broadcasters, distributors and industry associations, provided details on technological developments and trends, and suggested policy action.

Ratings show that it ranks above all other similar news channels in Canada.

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The CRBC, however, was short-lived. The impact for the broadcasting policy is that advertising and subscription revenues may be diverted from regulated broadcasters to unregulated services. But by this had increased to 60 per cent and Canada ranked second in the world in live television program production. In order to understand the rapidly changing environment, the CRTC monitors trends and often holds hearings to learn more about emerging issues. During the s, a new generation of producers responded to the challenge of developing programs for the medium with energy, enthusiasm, and great creativity. Technological changes have made the situation more complicated. During the —48 season, there were radio drama productions in English, 97 per cent of which were by Canadian writers.

Arguably the single most important figure in the history of Canadian broadcasting, Ouimet deserves much of the credit for the rapid introduction and expansion of television in Canada once the government finally decided to go ahead with television and allocated funds from an excise tax on television sets for its development.

At its creation, the CBC operated with eight stations and 16 privately-owned affiliates.

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