The dear departed by stanley summary

Everyone is shocked to hear his announcement.

The dear departed drama script

He notices Henry wearing his new slippers and takes them. He addresses his daughters directly and declares that he was going to change his will and all the money will go to the one, in whose house he dies. They all suspect that it was to the Ring-o'-Bells that he went. Abel repeats that question without sympathy. The tea-table is seen laid. They heave a sigh of gratitude for their father for paying his last premium and talk about his death with conveniently fabricated sentiments. The setting of the play reveals that the tea-table has been laid. Henry serves the tongue, and Mrs. Their sympathy changes into a violent anger. But she was rescued from embarrassment by her husband who draws their attention to the subject of his insurance money. But Abel is very happy to relate what has already been going on in his mind. She admiringly enquires about this beautiful new addition to the household furniture. While answering their questions about his health, he ironically hints that he may not be the first in that house to be carried to the cemetery. They accuse him of hanging about there at the Ring-o'-Bells to speak with John Shorrocks's widow who keeps that public house. Mrs Jordan gets agitated and accuses her sister of robbing her father.

She even uses the old man's response to the little girl to point out to the Jordans that he is fond of Victoria by way of contesting Mrs.

All happiness to the elderly is parsimoniously measured out. Once again the funeral party take their places.

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They even go on to add a piece of poetry to the obituary notice. Slater lies that her husband bought it at an auction. Second is Clock, it was in the upstair in his room, and then it has been shifted to her ground floor and third one is Bureau. Henry Slater is skeptical whether Elizabeth will come, for the last time when Mrs Slater and Elizabeth had quarrelled, she had vowed never to pay a visit again to their house. Jordan towards their father. Victoria, who has been quiet so far, tells that the old man did not go to town to pay the insurance, but met old Mr. Slater acts with an unusual type of generosity as she is recovering from a difficult situation after facing several attacks from her sister. However, she does not want to consider the bureau of low value, because she is fond of it. Ben and Mrs. Their lower-middle-class values and their tendency to imitate the elite emerge in their perception of poetic license. Slater dispels his doubts about Mrs. He reveals that he was well and just had a slight headache.

Slater points out that it is not the professional etiquette to by-pass the regular doctor and call in another one for the post-mortem.

She gets Henry to put his coat on and sit down with a copy of Tit-Bits, arranges her dishevelled hair at the glass and orders Victoria to open the door. For a civilised society a new culture of giving needs to be ushered and one must give to the elderly without any selfish motive.

Abel helps himself to bread and butter and starts eating with a good appetite.

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Although over seventy, he is vigorous and well coloured his bright, malicious eyes twinkle under his heavy reddish-grey eyebrows. He is wearing a black tailcoat, grey trousers, a black tie and a bowler hat. The Slaters keep on warning them not press him.

The dear departed by stanley summary

Slater does not expect the Jordans to find clothes suitable for the occasion. She also plans to take away new bureau of grandfather and shift it to their room, before Elizabeth and Ben arrive. He is rather a jolly little man, usually humorous, but at present trying to adapt himself to the regrettable occasion. Abel Merry weather enjoys tea and has a generous slice of an apple-pie. The men shake hands. Ben speaks about death as an unavoidable destiny, in order to comfort the company. At last he makes his announcement which shocks everyone. But she was rescued from embarrassment by her husband who draws their attention to the subject of his insurance money.

When the situation calms down, he clarifies his position to the group. Slater tries to save her face by lying that she asked her husband to put them on to stretch them, as they are new and hard.

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The Dear Departed