The day the dancers came by bienvenido santos

Somehow he felt relieved, for until then he did not know how he was going to explain his failure.

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They would tell their folks: We melt a kind, old man, who took us to his apartment. The apartment was warming up. He mopped his brow, but instead of getting discouraged, he grew bolder as though he hand moved one step beyond shame. A medium bomb marked Chicago and this whole dump is tapus, finished. Tell me where you wish to go, what you want to see in Chicago. He then goes on to tell him that he thinks that Val really does love her. You live and then you fade, you have dreams and these dreams slip out of your fingers inevitably as time consumes it. But perhaps, he could talk to the dancers in his dialect. After having dealt with Felix nagging him about the eye specialist, Bernie finally decided to go see an eye doctor. The primary medium of preservation is memory. Danilo was also married to Lita.

The snow was still falling. Filemon Acayan, Filipino, was fifty, a U.

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Fil was alone and gasping for air. Or perhaps it is both. The description of the girl registers how his consciousness focuses on the mouth that delivers the polite but firm rejection. I have no business up their schedule, forcing my company on them. He grasped for breath. The same goes for Tom. Filemon Acayan, Filipino, was fifty, a U. Suppose he stood on a chair and addressed them in the manner of his flamboyant speeches recorded in his magic sound mirror? He pressed his faced against the glass window. Fil wanted to hear, he must know. Neverth Bienvenido Santos' The Day The Dancers Came is not the kind of book you would read as a past-time outside of school, or rather, it is to me and also some of my classmates.

He switched dials on and off, again and again, pressing buttons. Like many characters in this book, they either lived through the war or lived through a war inside themselves.

He must do something, close his eyes perhaps.

The contender by bienvenido santos

A timeless drifting: once he tended a rose garden and took care of a hundred year old veteran of a border war. But he had been a good husband. Tony dies, but Fil is reborn. Fil was alone and gasping for air. Sometimes, like today, he wished that there was a way of keeping a record of silence because it was to him the richest sound, like snow falling. The snow was still falling. I read The Day the Dancers Came for the first time in first year college and then reread it several times years later for this reaction; but my opinion on it hasn't changed. Before he use to gamble money he made from the hemp and copra business and the more he wanted to lose, the more he won. In the second half of the play, we find out that Emilia has been having an affair with Victor, their gardener. There were no boots outside on the landing. As the illness progresses, Tony becomes to look more white than Filipino, All over Tony's body, a gradual peeling was taking place When someone asked what the stuffing was--we had never tasted anything like it, he smiled saying, 'From heaven's supermarket' touching his head and pressing his heart like a clown as if heaven were there. Fil wanted to hear, he must know. His illusion of being reunited to his native land is broken. But perhaps, he could talk to the dancers in his dialect.

It did not promise, nor fulfil, happy endings, because it is set in real life, and reality itself is a reminder that there are no happy endings for all endings are bittersweet. Reaction Snooze, memory by: Antonio Conejos Santos's story refers in its title to a much awaited arrival but in actuality the story concerns a departure, a slow, leaking loss which the two primary characters, Fil and Tony, have been suffering for years.

The day the dancers came by bienvenido santos

He turned it on to low. Everyone agreed and the next day, Joe brought all the food. Ano na, paisano?

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Quezon in Washington, D. To a new citizen, work meant many places and many ways: factories and hotels, waiter and cook.

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Or perhaps it is both. The quest to visit the dancers, and entertain them at his apartment, is a manifestation of Fil's quest to preserve a memory; specifically of the dancers, but in general just to preserve the sounds, heritage and flavor of his homeland.

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The Day the Dancers Came by Bienvenido Santos, analysis and reaction.