Revising and editing your essay

The more you can imagine yourself as a reader looking at this for the first time, the easier it will be to spot potential problems. Take your new outline, tell them what is missing, and maybe they can lead you to a new government report on local water issues or a book on park management.

The writing ends up dry and wordy, replete with spelling errors and comma splices, barely held together with an argument that wanders.

what is revising in writing

Painting the walls is like editing your draft Cleaning up the building site is like publishing your final document. Revise to fill in gaps and take out irrelevant material.

Revision process steps

Get the big ideas down and leave the detailing for later. Does your draft fit what your audience would expect? Or is your composing style somewhere in between? Just so has this essay gone through four separate incarnations to reach its present form, each of them responding in different ways to the critical communities that in a very real sense helped author them. Sometimes it means adding or deleting material for balance or emphasis. Research papers often start with a statement of the research question. Hopefully you see a clearer storyline after doing this exercise: the park is an ecological mess because of regional water mismanagement and housing development, and that is because of several complex factors. Also, problems that seem invisible on the screen somehow tend to show up better on paper. Presentation Revising and Editing Effective writing has many important steps. If they didn't get it, you have a problem.

Adding big changes such as plumbing or walls is much like revising your draft. If you know what you want to say before you start writing, the process will go much faster and be a lot easier.

revising a paragraph

Ask them: what was the main point of the paper? Writers must be willing to sacrifice their favorite bits of writing for the good of the piece as a whole.

Revision essay examples

If a better thesis comes along, let go of the old one. Continue Reading. Do you stay on track through the entire paper? Set your writing aside for a time. They are often passed over too quickly or outright ignored. Also ask your reader to show you all the places in the paper where they did not understand something you wrote. Michelangelo did not paint the Sistine Chapel after one sleepless night.

Identifying Wordiness Sometimes writers use too many words when fewer words will appeal more to their audience and better fit their purpose.

Style: Are quotes well integrated into the argument? Exercise 3 Now return once more to the first draft of the essay you have been revising.

revising and editing strategies
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Revising Your Essay