Research proposal in bangladesh

Mostofa Morshed 17 Md.

research proposal sample in bangladesh pdf

Limitations This also will help to determine the way for approaching the ultimate study samples. Questionnaires are the primary method of my research and view is inductive. Anticipated result: It is expected that after conducting this study we will be able to find out the reasons of drug abuse by the street children.

In this study we will identify the causes of drug addiction among street children in Bangladesh. Debnath fao. Our research will be based on a survey and the respondent i. Ethical consideration 8. Queries may be sent by e-mail to: Mr.

Research proposal in bangladesh

From each spot, around respondents will be drawn through repeated visits within one week. Jankoowicz, A. United Kingdom: British library cataloguing-in - Publication data. The field activities will be supervised by the researchers.

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