Recrystallization lab report

More efficient methods include vacuum drying or placing in a desiccator. If a portion of the solid does not seem to dissolve, even after more hot solvent has been added, it is likely due to the presence of very insoluble impurities.

Wooden sticks are placed into the solution and the solution is allowed to cool and evaporate slowly. To perform a hot filtration, fold a piece of filter paper into a fluted cone shape and place it into a glass stemless funnel.

These crystals can be used for X-ray analysis, which is the ultimate authority in determining the structure and three-dimensional shape of a molecule. Heat the beaker and keep adding solvent until the solute is completely dissolved.

extraction and recrystallization lab report

This crystal-like naphthalene-methanol solution was a fluorescent pink. The purity was confirmed due to the nearly identical melting points of the recrystallized naphthalene Pour the solution through the paper.

Recrystallization of naphthalene lab report

Investigating AFP binding mechanisms involves adsorbing them onto single ice crystals. The objective of the experiment is to conduct the synthesis of aspirin and reinforce the skills of recrystallization and technique of melting point determination. Thus, slow cooling is preferred. This is a better choice than a beaker, since the sloping sides help trap solvent vapors and slow the rate of evaporation. If a single solvent that works cannot be found, try a two solvent system. Crystals began to form indicating that the compound was ready to be cooled. The yellow impurities present in the crude compound have been removed, yielding an off-white solid. Figure 2. To dry the crystals, leave them in the filter funnel and draw air through them for several minutes. Both experimental successes and errors were analyzed.

Acetaminophen is considered an alternate to aspirin since it does not irritate the stomach Richman,

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Recrystallization Lab Report