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Do you use any tools for browser support?

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For example, you could style a button differently based on whether the user has their mouse pointer over it, or when they click the button. What is the correct HTML for referring to an external style sheet? However, this can be a little confusing as you might not always see the size you expect! They are:. How would you use media queries in a mobile-first approach? Can you describe the rules around specificity? Then comes the border, and only then comes the margin. We then selected the questions that most closely related to actual front-end development for inclusion in the test. Q 4 Cite different types of CSS.

Your biggest concern is legacy browsers. There are three main ways to target something: By tag, e. We can generate multiple classes using embedded style sheet to use on multiple tag types a web page and also there is no extra downloading required importing the information.

File splitting helps organize your CSS into multiple files, decreasing page load time and making things easier to manage.

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In how many ways can a CSS be integrated as a web page? Get our latest content before everyone else. If not, you can have some fallback styles as a backup. Answer: It is a method in which we design and develop a web page according to the user activities and conditions which are based on various components like the size of the screen, portability of the web page on different device etc.

Defining your font sizes in em allows you to change the size of your text based on the size defined at a higher level.

Quiz questions on css

It reduces the load time and request number to the server while projecting multiple images into a single web page. If you want to target something with two or more classes or IDs, simply concatenate them all together:. Nothing else can override it, apart from another! Internal — These are cited at the top of the web page code document. Physical tags are newer versions while logical tags are old and concentrate on content. To group styles in composite situations, methods as selector and grouping are used. Your email address Nick Mertens Nick is a web developer, focusing on front end development and UX, as well as dabbling in any new technologies or frameworks that catch his eye. This means you can have generic styles, followed by rules that style more specific elements on the page. File splitting helps organize your CSS into multiple files, decreasing page load time and making things easier to manage. Q 5 Why is the external style sheet useful? Explain the three main ways to apply CSS styles to a web page. Q 11 What are CSS counters? There are four categories in CSS which authorized the specificity level of the selector. Whereas in CSS2 everything accedes into a single document with all the information in it. Modern browsers update automatically and provide pretty good feature coverage.

Unsubscribe whenever. How do margin, border and padding fit together in the box model?

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While physical tags are also referred to as presentational mark-up, logical tags are useless for appearances.

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