Our prime minister essay help

Our prime minister essay help

Highly talented and trained, he enjoys doing whatever he does. Such a great victory was again attributed to the personality of Mrs. Due to his vigorous involvement with the RSS, Narendra Modi soon found out his way into one of the biggest Hindu Nationalist political parties of India. Essay on the Role of Prime Minister of India: Prime Minister is the real head of the government in India and key-stone of cabinet arch. In turn in June , Prime Minister devalued rupee without consulting Party President Kamraj, who expressed displeasure over this measure, which Prime Minister took without consulting him. Though according to the letters of the constitution, the President decides to whom he should invite to form the government; yet in reality political drama is played at the party level by the party bosses, who always try to exert themselves. He was reluctant to join politics.

Essay on the Appointment of Prime Minister: Under the constitution the President has full powers and authority to call any person to form the government. In case he is required to remain away from the country for a long time, the Speaker is informed, through the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs as to who shall be the leader of the House during his absence.

As a leader of the House Prime Minister has very many duties to perform. He continued to hold both the positions of toe Prime Minister and party President.

But his Political career was just at the budding stage and it was going to blossom very soon.

How is a prime minister elected

President can, of course, send any matter for the reconsideration of the cabinet but how the President will act in a given situation will very much depend on the equation which the defecto and de jure heads have developed with each-other. As already pointed out that under Art 12 of the constitution the President has power to promulgate an ordinance when the Parliament is not in session but he is to act on the advice of the Prime Minister in this regard. Each Cabinet member has responsibility for a specific area of government policy. He certainly would have elevated the office of the Prime Minister had death not taken him so soon. His message at the Nuclear Security Summit was powerful and had an impact on the global society. Bomai case. She was assassinated in October, You Might Also Like. Krishnamachari the then Finance Minister was made to resign due to Mundra deal.

It was only then at equation between the two could develop. Sanjiva Reddy. He certainly would have elevated the office of the Prime Minister had death not taken him so soon.

After the passing away of Smt.

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Such an exclusion might cause some sensation in the party for some time, but after the dust has been settled, nobody bothers about him. The Prime Minister and his political party BJP have been accused of several fake encounters for which the cases are still pending in the court.

Every day, he has touched the lives of several millions through his welfare measures. Their posts fall vacant and need be filled up for smooth working of the government as a whole.

Duties of prime minister

He was not only dissatisfied with that but began to gather support privately for what he said openly on political issues. He is the only one person who has emerged winner of Lok Sabha election by the highest majority of votes. Each ordinance having the force of law assumes great significance and as such the opposition charges the government of denying the parliament opportunity of free discussion not only to them but also to the ruling party members who are forced to have a close mind, because they cannot discredit their government by disapproving an ordinance already promulgated without consulting them. His death on 27th May, , created a new situation. However, several individuals who voted in favour of the BJP expressed that if Narendra Modi had not been the prime-clerical applicant, they would have voted in favour of another party. The deferences between the President and the Prime Minister so much widened that at one point of time, the President wanted the Prime Minister to quit Major C. His birth date is 17th September and the year is Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was again the choice of the Prime Minister and during his stay in Rashtrapati Bhawan, he did not annoy the Prime Minister in any manner. It was believed that this victory was exclusively due to her own personality. In fact, his important task was to bring unity and homogeneity in his own party and to keep his cabinet as a well-knit and united body.

Experts within and outside the country have also called the process of demonetization an irresponsible step. Narendra Modi is a poet, author and fitness enthusiast as well.

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