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As a result, we may make informed and intentional decisions in life. When we meet the disagreement or disapproval of others, our confidence will ebb away, and we will draw back from our goals.

Belmont, CA: Wadsworth. How do I feel about this?

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They didn't trust their own perception, instead deferring to the authority of others. On the other hand when we spend time and energy; standing our ground even when someone disagrees with us, relying on our own advice, openly admitting a mistake, we can be happy with ourselves irrespective of what others might say, then our LoE is likely to be internal.

How do I support them to do this? The mindset needed is a willingness to be visible enough to enable potential clients to find us.

Of course, nothing is this simple.

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Valuing Your Practice: This last pillar is by no means the least important. You can browse the services I provide here.

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How can you help this to happen? The recent emphasis on 'growth mindsets' fits in very neatly with an internal locus of evaluation, while the culture of testing and accountability is more conducive to an external locus of evaluation.

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Locus of Evaluation and Mindfulness: a recipe for increasing self