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Wealth; public finance, human. However, evidence in recent studies has showed that there is a declining influence on caste system in Indian politics.

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Get Essay The second part is an approach to identify the problem of corruption among political leaders and discussing the development of criminalization of politics.

This means there is central authority and its states surrounding the same. Basically, the government of India is composed of the lower house and upper house, with the federal system like the United States.

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Sushma Swaraj Sushma Swaraj is a well educated lady who served as a lawyer in the Supreme Court of India before joining the Indian politics. Facebook 0. Some other parties claim to be universal in nature, but tend to draw support from particular sections of the population. The politicians may also be giving the proof of his love for the people. It is ironic that the nation has witnessed many uneducated and non deserving candidates rising to higher powerful levels in politics purely on the basis of money and muscle strength. Learn about india. This Indian political system came into being in August as the country got freedom from the British rule.

At present for a new frontiers established by addressing public finance, india that. The statistics showed that it was only half of the voters in every constituency with no representation at district level.

They exist in the constituency for only the limelight when, once again he has to go to the people for their votes, for the next assignment for another five years of his own prosperity. It has seen several amendments since then.

These changes have been brought about for the good of the society after a lot of consideration.

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They become extreme selfishness, the Indian politician is one who is most corrupt in the breed of politicians of the world.

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