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And users Arrival of multinationals Short time cycle of products Changing technologies Lack of industry confidence. Nonetheless MBA aspirants should try to analyze the Republic Day a bit differently so to understand outcome in a professional way. Why Rail Budget was merged with General Budget? Systems to enhance awareness for training instr. India is receiving one of the largest inflows of foreign direct investment FDI due to FDI reform measures were taken in the last couple of years, which as the proportion of GDP, has grown from 1. The fiscal deficits in the state government budgets have been rising of late. India, just like any other country, has a set of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It presents an assessment of the performance of the Indian Economy over time, focusing the recent initiatives and developments. If necessary, training and retraining may need to be provided. The focus of the government should be on competitive and cooperative federalism which presents a great potential to attract skills, investment and technology. Strengths India is the eleventh largest economy in the world in terms of nominal GDP and third largest in terms of purchasing power parity. Investment and savings rates have been declining in the country over recent years while Income and consumption inequalities across states are increasing in India. The external debt condition is within safe limits and there is no possibility of slippage from the fiscal discipline and consolidation path is also followed for the last few years, both at the central and state governments with and without Ujjwal DISCOM Assurance Yojana UDAY.

In the milieu of promoting labour-intensive exports, after the issue of Brexit, India has the better prospect of renegotiating free trade agreements with the UK and Europe and gain substantially for export and employment growth.

Practical development limited No market understanding Isolation from industry Poor design, engg.

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In terms of commitment to climate change, India has performed better than other countries in imposing a tax on petroleum and diesel. The persisting large gap between the WPI inflation rates and the CPI inflation in showing the decreasing trend resulted in restoring the growth in nominal GDP which has a role in raising the government revenue growth.

The demographic dividend in the Peninsular States would reach the peak aroundbut the Hinterland States would reach the peak only around There will have to be a change of its won vision, objectives, organization, and operation.

Together with historically developed vested interests, it has shaped a less conducive socio-political environment for meeting the full economic potential of the economy.

There is an opportunity to create a Public Sector Asset Rehabilitation Agency to address the twin balance sheet problem by taking up large and difficult cases and taking tough decisions. Lack of proper infrastructure is yet another weakness of India, which needs to be addressed to stop capable citizens and multinational corporations from leaving India.

However, India is likely to experience the value of the ratio near its peak over a much longer time. The demographic dividend India is likely to retreat soon because the peak is likely to be attained by and the peak is relatively lower than the one reached in China and Brazil.

Ideas to be explored could be in the realm of new sensors, virtual instrumentation, marine instrumentation and monitoring equipments usually needed by the state for energy conservation, environment, pollution, narcotics, explosives and so on.

User Development Programs especially for medium-sized users will serve to increase awareness of the benefits and increased of competence in incorporating instrumentation into their working.

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This is substantially less than corresponding maximum values in other BRICS countries, implying a lower demographic dividend in India. Technicians shortage.

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