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Fossil fuel includes coal, natural gas, and oil. Most of the hydel projects are located far from the industrial areas of which are the major consumer of electricity.

It supplies energy to ensure the appliances and lighting, as well as the tank less water heater, are all operating as prescribed.

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A few hydro turbines do not have a dam but instead use the current of the "run of the river". A growing movement is also working to tear down dams that are no longer functioning or needed around the world, with the aim at restoring more natural rivers and the many benefits they provide to wildlife and people, including recreation.

Generally, these resources are cheap and readily available.

Importance of hydroelectricity

Large space and sparse population: These two factors are prerequisites for hydel projects. Though dams and reservoirs may not be ideal for a long-term, large-scale use, tidal and wave energy is definitely one. Scientists are concerned about many problems with the dam, such as pollution, silt, and the danger of the dam wall breaking. Essay - firstly what is renewable energy. Hydro power project is generally taken up in hostile environment. Hydropower plants can also cause low dissolved oxygen levels in the water, which is harmful to river habitats. So, huge amount of money is required. Many large-scale dam projects have been criticized for blocking fish migration, shifting wildlife habitats, and affecting the quality of the water and the way it flows.

The more resources that is being pumped, the more people want it. Water that has been stored in a reservoir can be released let go when needed, so the energy can be made quickly. However, some argue that the environmental impacts of hydroelectric power can be mitigated and remain low compared with burning fossil fuels.

The Three Gorges Dam in China is the world's largest hydroelectricity project, and the world's largest power plant of any kind.

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By use of hydropower reached a record of terawatt -hours and about Of course, each project for harnessing energy has its drawbacks as to why it would be hard to use on a large scale and among those for tidal power is the loss of a marine habitat. Historically, one of the first uses of hydro power was for mechanical milling, such as grinding grains [2].

Hydro Power Definition Hydropower or hydroelectricity refers to the conversion of energy from flowing water into electricity.

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Hydropower as an Alternative Energy Source Essay