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The ways of managing the money so that there are no any debts to other countries. Proposed Solutions Write a brief review of the specific solutions you evaluated, noting the criteria by which you examined and compared different proposed policy alternatives.

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Strategies include reviewing long paragraphs and breaking them up into parts, looking for long sentences and eliminating unnecessary qualifiers and modifiers, and deleting prepositional phrases in favor of adjectives or adverbs. Note that the most important consideration in terms of writing style is professionalism, not creativity. Or, what factors contribute to parent's decision about school choice and distance from schools? Without clarification or additional information, a reader may question why or by what means do you know this, or what distance is considered to be too far? If you choose to argue for maintaining the current policy trajectory, be concise in identifying and systematically refuting all relevant policy options. Focus on identifying solutions that have not been proposed or tested elsewhere. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Limitations As in any academic paper, you must describe limitations to your analysis. Acknowledge the law of unintended consequences -- no policy analysis is complete until you have identified for whom the policy is supposed to benefit as well as identify what groups may be impacted by the consequences of implementation.

Clarify these types of open-ended statements so that your policy can be more fully understood. The presentation and content of the memo should be polished, easy to understand, and free of jargon. However, the general objective of policy memos is to examine opportunities for transformative change and the risks of on-going complacency.

NOTE: Technically, your policy memo could argue for maintaining the status quo.

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If you want to create the medical history, you need a specialized template which can help you create it efficiently, like this template. As with any non-textual elements, describe what the reader is seeing and why the data is important to understanding the research problem.

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15+ Policy Memo Templates