How to behave during a fire drill essay

If possible, open a window and waive or hang a brightly colored towel or garment to notify rescue personnel of your location. You are responsible for your students.

Fire drill scenario

Different families will have different strategies. You can tell the fire rescue people about any pets that were left behind and they may be able to help. Do not tamper with any fire system equipment such as smoke detectors, pull stations or fire extinguishers. Ultimately, the responsibility for these lessons rests on your shoulders. Just tell your students to line up calmly. Home Drills It's great to talk about emergency plans, but it's even better if you practice them, like the fire drills you have at school. This will allow them to act quickly to find the missing students. You will want to let the principal or another administrator at your location if you can't account for everyone who was present in class. This will help them remain calm and you keep control. When you open the door, if you feel a burst of heat or smoke pours into the room, quickly shut the door and make sure it is really closed.

Second, you will want to have the pertinent course records in case there truly was a fire. If Your Clothes Catch Fire A person's clothes could catch fire during a fire or by accident, like if you step too close to a candle.

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During this waiting period, you will want your students to stay with you and to behave. If there is a window in the room that is not possible to escape from, open it wide and stand in front of it.

Therefore, make sure that you stay with your students and enforce your rules.

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Do not overload electrical outlets. If you can grab a piece of clothing or a towel, place it over your mouth to keep from breathing in the smoke.

It's also a good time to remind your parents to change the batteries in the smoke alarms.

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How to React to a Fire Alarm at School (Kids): 11 Steps