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But if these quotes have been gathered by someone other than you, and in particular if they have already been published, you MUST say where they came from. Think of an unusual person, place or thing or idea encountered โ€” something that is bizarre or extraordinary. Introduction to Tagalog Filipino Language - with English While styles can diverge more dramatically depending on the kind of story โ€” a feature story may look and sound very different than a hard news story โ€” all news stories are cut from the same mold. Feature Article example leavingcertenglish. Conduct extensive research and interviews to write an in-depth story about a significant issue or concern. This maybe a combination or personal experience and descriptive features. This is journalism, and journalism needs to be new and original. Search engines are used millions of times each day by people looking for how-to, where-to and when-to articles. From book reviews to original creative writing, writing tips to quote collections, we've got you covered. Think about an interesting hobby or collection then feature its beauty, significance or value. Personal Experience 6.

Also, avoid using a brand or client name in the headline unless it's very well known. If you don't, this is plagiarism and you will be disqualified. You can't answer all of those questions.

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Writing a Memoir 4. Tell me what you are up to. Make sure you read last year's shortlisted features here. Gallery - Templates, Examples and Articles written in Movie Review Examples. Write a feature story about the trip, or about the garden or some interesting plants. A good thesis should be brief, you can simply write about a specific segment of the movie instead of writing about every aspect of the movie. Mark Nowlan Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Good writing comes from the creativity inside you, making it hard to teach. Order it from our shop and get a great discount! However, for ease of reading, use bullet points or "top tips" if you're listing information.

That type of article is called a feature. Another thing to remember--and one way a feature differs from a news release--is that a feature story will almost never include corporate identity or forward-looking statements. But once your creative juices are flowing, writing techniques can act as the foundations for your work.

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Most newswires offer feature services and media databases, and they'll often offer a feature calendar that corresponds with publications' due dates.

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