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When they are thoroughly mixed, pour the mixture into a heap on the heat resistant mat or in a metal tray, such as a tin lid, positioned in the middle of the fume cupboard. Experiment 1a : Flame Tests of Alkali Metals Because the alkali metal ions form few insoluble salts, the most common means of ion identification is the flame test. Some have long-term cumulative health effects. Do not continue to heat beyond the point when crystals start to appear on the top edge of the solution. Remove the heat. Each activity contains comprehensive information for teachers and technicians, including full technical notes and step-by-step procedures. Warm this acid gently over a low, non-smokey, Bunsen flame. For this reason: a Experiments may only be carried out when a supervisor is present. Probing the role of metal ions in RNA catalysis: kinetic and thermodynamic characterization of a metal ion interaction with the 2'-moiety of the guanosine nucleophile in the Tetrahymena group I ribozyme. These and other observations suggest that M C plays an integral role in the coupled binding of the oligonucleotide substrate and the guanosine nucleophile. Once the aluminium is hot, a bright glow will suddenly appear where it starts to react with chlorine. Apparatus and chemicals Eye protection Thick chemically-resistant gloves such as marigold industrial blue nitrile Access to a fume cupboard The teacher will require: Mortar and pestle Heat resistant mat, 30 x 30 cm Watch glasses, about 10 cm diameter, 2 Reduction tube see note 1 Test-tubes, 3 Test-tube rack Teat pipette Filter paper Spatula or wooden splint Bosses, clamps and stands Chemicals for one demonstration: Aluminium foil, a few cm2 Aluminium powder Highly flammable, Contact with water may liberate hydrogen , 0.

Wipe the metals Zn, Mg, Cu and Ag using the emery cloth and put each of them into a clean test tube. Remove the heat. Most chemicals are potentially dangerous if mishandled or misused.

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The procedure for safely testing the evolved hydrogen gas in the test-tube reactions needs to be demonstrated at a suitable point in Lesson 1. We list the Ksp's for chlorides and sulfates in a table here.

It is strongly acidic.

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When the volume has been reduced by about half, dip a glass rod in the solution and then hold it up to cool. Wait until the reaction has subsided before adding Allotropes of sulfur Sulfur is heated slowly and steadily from room temperature, so that all the changes in colour and consistency as it melts and eventually reaches boiling point, can be observed.

Give your reasoning.

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If this happens, extinguish quickly by placing a damp cloth over the mouth of the test-tube.

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