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The movie version of Harper Lee's novel To Kill a Mockingbird is considered a classic film, whereas John Grisham's adapted novel is merely another example of the money making efforts of Hollywood. Many of them have truly shown the seriousness of racism in society. The Radley and Finch family, Miss. The games and stories Jem and Scout create around Boo Radley depict him as a source of violence and danger. It portrayed the two kinds of women found in the south during this time, the women who were pro the feminist movement, and the average Southern women. Boo is an interesting way to teach your students that the government and certain cybersecurity firms have the capability to watch everything we do, and often use these capabilities to monitor the activists who are fighting today for racial equality. When it is killed, peace is disturbed. Boo Radley, once such a threatening presence, now seems like a remnant of a more innocent time. The author used this setting because most of the Midwest was desperate and racism affected the lives of about everyone. These rumors also made Boo Radley the scapegoat of the town and when petty crimes occurred, Boo is always to blame in the eyes of anyone who bought into the town gossip. The novel revolves around racism and Scout sees discrimination wherever she goes whether it is racial or social prejudice. That summer she meets a peculiar person who calls himself Dill, although his name is Charles Baker Harris. He is one of the very few human beings who does not hate Hitler. Scout is curious, as this is the first time that she has ever heard her father refer to anything as a sin, Scout asks Miss Maude what Atticus meant by this.

Racists have been using the demonization of black male sexuality as an excuse for their actions for ages. The last mention we have of Tom is when he tries to break out of prison and is killed. Harper Lee based Atticus off of her real father. Little do they know that Bob is one of the only people in Maycomb who does not judge people by their race.

The major themes are appearance vs. Within the novel " To Kill A Mockingbird," more than one conflict is created.

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Atticus also has a son named Jem, who is four years older than Scout Lastly, Atticus continues to teach valuable lessons, about sacrifice. Not only do they influence the direction of the plot, but also Scout and her development as a character

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