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Though there have been extensive technological improvements in these recent days, they have come with many many repugnant impressions to the environment.

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Water Pollution: Untreated human and animal wastes, suspension of water soluble inorganic chemicals from industries such as mercury and lead and draining of organic chemicals including detergent and oils in the fresh water ponds and rivers has made their water unfit for any use. Additionally, protection and reasonable utilization of assets, for example, water, air and crude materials should be encouraged to preserve natural resources.

Hence, as the consumers of the gifts of nature it is our responsibility to promote rain water harvesting, take part both individually and collectively in the process of recycling products, avoiding wastage of resources such as electricity and fresh water, etc.

Our environment also suffers from noise pollution which has negative effects on people and wild species. Unknowingly or knowingly, we contribute to pollution every day. Expanding number of associations are being shaped to keep the planet from untimely annihilation. The eventuality of our world is unexplored but with steadfast development, we can try to assure a better essence of life for every living being by becoming an apprised citizen.

However, with the surge in the urbanisation over the last few years we have seen a steady decline in the quality of the environment around us.

Similarly, Medha Patkar effectively saved the environment of the tribal people, which was negatively impacted due to the construction of dams on the Narmada River. Therefore, it is important that we do both our individual best and collective best to get involved in activities that help save the planet like recycling of products, engaging in rainwater harvesting, avoidance of wastage of natural resources like fresh water and also resources like electricity.

These natural resources can broadly be categorized into renewable and non-renewable ones. Reasons for Environment Degradation: 1.

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Maybe books set on farms. Environment constitutes the entire surroundings comprising water, air, sunlight, plants, animals, etc. We need to maintain the environment to continue the life on earth. There are certain steps we need to take to save trees and Earth — First off, we should learn reusing and recycling the paper and avoid its wastage Spread awareness about the value of trees and why we should save it. Effects of Pollution on Environment During the last few decades, water, air and land have been contaminated for achieving short term gains at the cost of long term ecological losses to the environment. Some of them have been very popular among citizens such as: 1. The overexploitation and misuse of these natural resources is highly hazardous and dangerous to the health of humans and animals. However being a part of the city, town or village, we observe that the environment around us was originally a natural landscape, for instance, a desert, a forest, or even a river that has been shovelled by humans for buildings, roads and factories. Even today, to my utter shame, there are very few trees I would be able to name on sight. The trends of environmental pollution have compromised the lives of animate objects on earth. But our environment is getting dirty day by day because of some negligence of human beings. Small changes made to our everyday lifestyle are all we need to do to save environment.

Here are a few ways in which the excessive use of natural resources can be preserved: Mineral and Energy Resources: The energy extracted from various minerals including coal, oil, and various fossil fuels is used massively in power generation plants and also in vehicles, which contribute majorly towards air pollution.

However, commercialization and population explosion has led to huge cutting of trees.

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