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In this way, they could be used as accompaniment for singing. Her translation of Iphigeneia at Aulis is the first known dramatic work by a woman in English. But, applied to this slight extent, the new classical influences were a great benefit: they tempered and polished the earlier rudeness of English literature. It sounds like a silly question, and to some extent, of course, they wrote the same sorts of things as we write nowadays--but only to some extent. In the 20th century T. Expansion — In our history, this is perhaps the most remarkable epoch for the expansion of both mental and geographical horizons. This created a sense of old glory and classicalism. All the plays but one The Woman in the Moon were in prose. Turning to writing, Lyly published his first novel, Euphues, or the Anatomy of Wit, in The Spenserian and Shakespearean stage : This stage is the stage of highest development. The style is as varied as the poems; but the universal note is the romantic one of power and ease. People like Edmund Spenser were writing some very popular literature during this time. The Waits have been in existence as far back as the medieval period.

Our hero was buried on 20 November at St. In articular, there was an ardent revival in the study of Greek, which brought a dazzling light into many dark places of the intellect. Also during the 16th century were John Bull —best-known organist of the Elizabethan era, and John Dowland —leading composer of lute music.

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The style has the precision and erratic character of the diligent pupil. To a great extent, the controversies of the day were puerile enough, but at least they indicated a lively interest in the literature of the period.

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In the 20th century T. William Shakespeare was alive and well during the Elizabethan era and this is the time period in which he produced his most popular works.

Eliot 's many essays on Elizabethan subjects were mainly concerned with Elizabethan theatrebut he also attempted to bring back long-forgotten poets to general attention, like Sir John Davieswhose cause he championed in an article in The Times Literary Supplement in republished in On Poetry and Poets

Elizabethan writing style
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Elizabethan Era Literature