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Random Variables Handout : handout summarizing the key properties of random variables that we will learn in the course. A, as created Complementary goods 69 P D. Income and wealth 3. Demand Schedule 64 table that reports the quantity demand at different price. Real GDP Total value of production using the market price from a specific base year to determine the value of each unit. Expenditures such as: consumptions c , Investments I , government expenditure G , exports X , imports M a. Anything in the readings or lecture is potentially on the exam, unless I specifically say otherwise.

Demand Curve 64 plots the quantity demand at difference prices High Capital Stock 7. Movement Along the Supply Curve 75 Change in the price of good Factors that shifts demand 1. Econ past exams.

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ECON vs. If the price of hot dogs rises so much people will stop consuming them, which will cause a decrease in the demand of hot dog buns. Supply Schedule 71 table that reports the quantity supplied at different prices.

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