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This is especially true of bright students who have so much to say and no way to communicate it adequately in writing. This type of Dysgraphia is very rare in children. Reward your child for practicing on the computer — even for as little as ten minutes a day. These technology resources can be a huge benefit for school aged children but also for adults that struggle with writing. Even copying text from the board is hard for someone who struggles with dysgraphia. In the homeschool, this is not necessary. Create a multi-sensory writing surface by pouring an inch or two of salt into a shallow pan. Adults with dysgraphia who went through childhood undiagnosed may have unresolved feelings of shame or anger related to the condition, and may benefit from seeing a psychotherapist to talk through these complex emotions.

TOP TIP: Children with dysgraphia can greatly benefit from early intervention and the introduction of coping strategies. Simple repetitive movements, like taking pegs out of a pegboard and putting them back in, can help someone with dysgraphia gain finger strength that will make writing easier and more intuitive.

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Computers are recommended for people with dysgraphia because they reduce the number of variables that need to be controlled including letter formation, letter and word spacing and even writing text left to right along a straight line. We thank Wikipedia for their excellent article. They should, at a minimum, be fairly consistent and readable. These individuals often have a parent or other close family member who show signs of Dysgraphia as well. Nonetheless, children with dysgraphia will continue to struggle when it comes to holding a writing utensil. Here are several ways you can accomplish that: — Teach typing. Do you have any tips or strategies to add? Treating Dysgraphia with Therapy You or your child may also benefit from working with an occupational therapist, particularly if you struggle extensively with the fine motor skills involved in writing. While, in most cases, we never want kids to abandon their handwriting skills altogether, we believe in having students use their handwriting skills for assignments where their handwriting can be used in a legible, timely, non-stressful manner. Dysgraphia and the US Public School System Dysgraphia is often very misunderstood in public schools as well as parochial, private and homeschools across the US as to the potential severity of its educational impact. This is especially true of bright students who have so much to say and no way to communicate it adequately in writing. During this time, I start with a salt tray.

Because dysgraphia can be affected by motor skills, visual-spatial skills and processing speeds, there are a wide variety of methods for remediating dysgraphia. However, dyspraxic children may also have issues with planning; these are not present with dysgraphia.

Most students with Dysgraphia have a mixed form of this disorder.

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Spelling can sometimes be challenging because dysgraphia impacts on orthographic encoding or translating words into their component letters. Spelling skills are not impaired.

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This one with lines on one side and is blank on the other. Though she might not see the point of changing her grip, the correct grip will reduce hand fatigue and pencil pressure — meaning writing will be easier and less painful. This cuts unnecessary time struggling with handwriting, while still providing the student with an opportunity to answer the question correctly. These would be great for older students that are writing longer pieces. Occupational therapy is most often used in treating dysgraphia in children, but some OTs work with adults as well. Learn more about self-esteem and the importance of helping students build confidence in these posts. Video Editing Software may not be exactly an assistive technology for writing, but it can be a very powerful tool for people with dysgraphia. When organization and expression are still difficult, a student with dysgraphia may wish to make an outline that organizes ideas in a clear manner. I modify how much and what kinds of writing my kids do.

Over time, this can lead to poor performance and falling behind in lessons due to an inability to take notes.

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Assistive Technology for Dysgraphia and Writing Disabilities