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People will automatically associate any liabilities or litigation with poor service or questionable practices. The definition of personalized service is changing, but its importance remains a potential competitive advantage, and we believe this to be a great opportunity for the direct selling model.

Com, The more than years of growth and evolution may be just the beginning.

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The training, personal development, income possibilities and values gained from building a business using the direct selling business model are needed more than ever.

Loyalty comes with trust, meaning CUTCO must also establish trust, not only with its external customers, but also with its internal customers, which include independent contractors and formal employees. Once CUTCO identifies their customer base, they can then talk to contractors and their employees working in sales, marketing or customer support to help them make "informed decisions" when selling to customers or marketing their products Information Today, The opportunity for the industry overall may be in becoming more appealing to men while continuing to support the needs of those who have been the foundation to the business model for over years.

That is where training methodologies and processes come in. Competition The new competition for direct selling may very well be e-commerce from online retailers.

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This can be seen no matter what the category, be it skin care, scrapbooking, home care products, fashion, nutritional supplements and beverages, chocolate, candles or legal and financial services. The combination of social media technology and the direct selling business opportunity, packaged in smart tools and applications, remains a huge opportunity for attracting new distributors and customers.

Technology The impact of technology on all business models has been enormous, and the direct selling business model has not escaped it.

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Cutco Case Analysis