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Even with precautionary research into a company and their online presence can also be good or service and its vending company, every affected by previous encounters and also affect their online transaction is perceived to have a basic level decisions to complete purchases without sensory of risk by consumers due to issues of intangibility perceptions available in traditional brick-and-mortar that cannot be avoided, such as hackers and whether stores. It is also important to the perception of consumers, these initial findings make customers feel more certain when shopping still warrant further investigation. The questionnaire was divided into two parts which are Section A and Section B. However, the effects of e- However, not all consumers are participating in commerce on individual business are varied based on online transactions as part of the Internet boom. In order to identify the differences between It has been reported that consumers have a low consumers who prefer online shopping and those who perception and trust of online merchants, making prefer offline shopping, this study examines how them unwilling to make purchases online. Customer Satisfaction Customer satisfaction virtual organizations. Kau, A. Especially for goods or services experiences increase levels of risk perception with that consumers perceive to involve higher online purchasing and hamper not only a businesses commitments, such as motor vehicles or computer likelihood of retaining customers but can make it cleaning services provided online, the intangibility of more difficult for other online businesses to gain goods for some consumers can have a significant initial customers [5]. Likelihood to abort an online An explanation of these occurrences is that the majority of consumers are Offline settings are not hindered by some of the going online to window-shop with plans to make online perceptions of risk. According to Joyce and Levitt , technology and globalization make geography less relevant to consumption activities. To achieve a better online e. The selection was done with the presumption that the division could be said to cover generations in all the countries around the world including Malaysia.

The perception of risk associated with a increase. Belanger, F. A pilot test of the survey questionnaire was conducted on 30 respondents to identify flaws in the questionnaire. Issues with having to offline, retailers and businesses can be better gear physically gather information with offline shopping themselves to serving their customers in either of the methods are alleviated, and customers are better able shopping venues.

E-commerce personal information and company data. Research to identify the differences between the perceptions of the three generation is also limited. However, not all consumers are online companies report at least one security breach turning to the Internet for shopping.

questionnaire on online shopping behaviour pdf

Volume VII, No. The research by Sorce, Perotti and Widrick conducted among samples also indentified that age was negatively correlated with online pre-purchase search but was positively correlated with online purchasing when pre-purchase search behaviour was taken into consideration.

questionnaire on online shopping behaviour pdf

Exploring motivations for consumer services may enable online businesses to create more Web use and their implications for e-commerce. Ho and Wu discovered that there are positive relationships between online shopping behavior and five categories of factors which include e-stores logistical support, product characteristics, websites technological characteristics, information characteristics and homepage presentation.

With better Internet technology allow for the expansion of understanding of what factors play into consumer shopping options beyond traditional methods that decision making in making transactions online or may be more time consuming.

Impact of online shopping on consumer buying behaviour

The products and services. Decision Sciences, customer satisfaction and e-commerce. Customer The results consumers perceive online shopping and which of a survey of online consumers showed that factors are perceived differently between consumers three out of five respondents did not trust web who prefer online shopping and consumers who merchants [3]. Betts, M. Lin, C. For various consumers there are still perceived differently between consumers who prefer concerns with security and passing personal data over online shopping and consumers who prefer offline the Internet. Findings This section of the paper discusses the findings of the research according to the four research objectives; to identify the factors affecting online purchasing among the three generation; Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y, to evaluate the relationship between the factors affecting online purchasing and generations of online purchasers, to examine the challenges faced in online purchasing by the three generations; Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y and to evaluate the marketing strategies that affect the three generations intention to purchase on line. Attran, M. Despite these extensive researches, perceptions of Malaysian online consumers are still limited especially with regards to challenges faced.

Consumer Risk perception and e- International Journal of Electronic Commerce, shopping: a cross-cultural study.

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