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Economics and the promise of upward mobility are driving the student stampede.

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A surge in student demand for the courses is outstripping the supply of professors available to teach them. Some university leaders said they were concerned that certain measures taken to address surging student demand may disadvantage people who are already unrepresented in computer science — including women, African-Americans, Latinos and low-income, first-generation college students.

Its computer science program is the strongest, and is often considered one of the premier in the state. Image Don Fussell, the chairman of the computer science department at the University of Texas at Austin, said top programs nationwide were competing with tech companies to keep their professors and hire Ph.

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You'll also take part in small-group team experiences. Likewise, Tracy Camp, head of the computer science department at the Colorado School of Mines — a public university where the number of computer science majors has more than doubled in recent years — said she was determined not to put in deterrents like capping the major.

Ed Lazowska, a computer science professor at the university, said such arrangements gave faculty members access to resources, like giant computing power and tremendous data sets, that could help further their research and benefit their students.

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The 50 Best Computer Science Programs in the World