Chapter 1 managing human resource today

Summarize the types of skills needed for human resource management. Based on job analysis and design, an organization can determine the kinds of employees it needs.

These standards are most vexing when none of the alternatives in a situation meets all three of them. The process of defining the way work will be performed and the tasks that a given job requires. Employees assume responsibility for the actions of the company.

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These standards are discussed on the next slide. Thus, we can conclude that organizations need the kind of resources that will give them such an advantage. We then turn to the elements of managing human resources: the roles and skills needed for effective human resource management.

The process by which the organization attempts to identify applicants with the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics that will help the organization achieve its goals.

Administering pay and benefits is another big responsibility. Human resources have these necessary qualities: Human resources are valuable. Right of freedom of conscience — People have the right to refuse to do what violates their moral beliefs, as long as these beliefs reflect commonly accepted norms.

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To do this, organizations provide for employee training and development.

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