Bradstreet s poetry versus wheatley s

They are also written in inversion. Her poetry was revered by feminists and stood as a symbol for the movement. Wheatley wrote poetry geared towards slavery, freedom, and injustices.

The story was written or narrated to encourage change.

Bradstreet s poetry versus wheatley s

This only further buttresses the great struggle repressed classes felt during this time; they were caught between societal expectations and their emotions, between conformity and resistance.

Both stepped away from the traditional writing seen in early American literature, instead creating American poetry. Wheatley faced oppression because she was an African American slave. Wheatley wants the reader to acknowledge that African Americans can be civilized and taught.

These texts amalgamate in their declaration that their individual existence as writers is a form of resistance to normative ideals set forth by an oppressive society.

what explains the absence of personal voice in wheatley

In this way, the poems of Wheatley and Bradstreet primarily take a form of reconciling otherness with religion.

Bradstreet was oppressed in early American society because she was a woman.

These challenges encouraged both writers to use their talent to move others, to create a better society the entails freedom and civil liberties for women and African Americans. Although they did not actually have the same subject matter, their use of poetry to express their opinions is something they both do. Being brought up as a puritan, she had puritan religious beliefs, which were exposed in her poems. Both immigrants and those brought to America against their will forego their past government and way of living, allowing this rhetoric to reach each mind, stripped to a state of tabula rasa in this new and untested nation. This line is powerful for readers. Today books, movies, shows, music, et cetera should all strive to continue the tradition that Bradstreet and Wheatley began. The story was written or narrated to encourage change. The message here, however, is a narrative that tells the creation of people and America. Iroquois Creation Story. These feelings were greatly expressed in her poem, The Prologue.
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Anne Bradstreet vs Phillis Wheatley