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They are cheering one another, a gift us humans can learn a lot from. Publisher: William Morrow; 1 edition October 8, The support for goals comes from trust of the team members in the management.

The third Gung Ho principle describes the gift of the goose. The second Gung Ho principle is the way of the beaver. They have a goal which they value.

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Gung Ho! The Way of the Beaver. What message are they sending each other? Leading based on numbers is like watching a soccer game by only looking at the scoreboard instead of the players and the ball. When de dam is broken, all beavers immediately start repairing it. Define goals that are understood and shared by the team members. In Gung Ho! In such an event, the management steps aside and let the individual take charge without providing any advice or exercising control. Also, accurate information needs to be fully and freely shared among team members. The members must cheer each other to enthuse themselves. Next to cheering, congratulating for accomplished success is an important instrument to intrinsically motivate people. They trust each other in their dedication towards the common goal of the group.

Enter Andrew Longclaw — a Native American plant foreman who teaches Peggy management lessons based on the key characteristics of three animals. There was one last animal in the fable that is absolutely worth a mention. Whether your organization consists of one or is listed in the Fortunethis book ensures Gung Ho employees committed to success.

Help the team members understand how their work benefits the world. They need the acorns to survive winter.

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Forget about dollars and cents for a minute. Blanchard and S. Enthusiasm of the mission must be sustained by cheering and rewards. Without it Gung Ho! That gives their work purpose. You can compromise on goals but never on values. Congratulations are most effective when these are Spontaneous instead of being Programmed , Individual instead of being Blanket , Specific instead of being General and Unique instead of being Traditional. Managers should include all team members in improving processes because they always know their working environment better than the manager does. This shares the measurement of progress of achieving the shared goals and generates excitement among team members. Teams are best utilized when everyone is contributing, in their own way, towards one specific outcome. Imagine that was your job. This refers to the social value of the work which lies beyond the business value delivered by the team. Thus, it should look out for employees who have produced successful results and move away from focusing on failures and members who are responsible for them. The first principle is the foundation of Gung Ho: the spirit of the squirrel. They trust each other in their dedication towards the common goal of the group.
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Gung Ho! by Ken Blanchard, Hardcover