An introduction to the future of the year 2069

Year 2083 future

It has given older generations even more ways to ensure that the next generation or two are just like them. However, the costs of not acting would have been unimaginably greater. Bangladesh is slowly being emptied of its populace, with many fleeing to neighbouring India. South America is in even worse shape. In light of material constraints and increasing automation, people were buying less, working less and paying less. India also is modernizing and investing more in its army The Economic Time. It is clear that the economy must be based on physical or human capital, rather than assumed value. The antics of the Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity rovers on Mars have captivated much of the population of the world in the 21st Century.

Entire cities, abandoned due to climate change, can in a sense be "recycled" via swarms of automated robots programmed to extract and process useful materials from decaying infrastructure. Most of the survivors have moved to Australia.

Future 2029

Turkey is another example, having escaped the worst of peak oil relatively unscathed due to its large oil and natural gas reserves. China is expected to be as powerful as the US militarily, and other countries are making progress in their military too. Conflict In , the state you live in will be engaged in armed conflict somewhere in the world. With this new nature of multilateralism, the UN will have substantial changes. Do you have a story tip? One such model adds life expectancy to overall life satisfaction and divides the result by the ecological footprint, giving an idea of the current generation's quality of life and its effect on the quality of their children's lives. A massive flow of immigrants from the Central American countries, but primarily Mexico, is entering the United States, radically shifting the demographics of southern states. The latter, however, is unable to support this surge. Many countries have to endure violent revolutions and periods of semi-anarchy before genuine progress is made, but a new zeitgeist begins to solidify, aided by the spread of information technology. Geopolitical power has seen a drastic restructuring on a global scale. As the equatorial regions are gradually depopulated, the more stable northerly nations are moving in to develop land for renewable energy and carbon sequestration projects, as well as resource recovery. Many other cities around the world are enacting similar measures now.

Geopolitical power has seen a drastic restructuring on a global scale. This is a vast topic, so I have decided not to explore topics such as climate change, huge demographic change and the global move to a cashless economy.

2050 future

The basic necessities of life are becoming a shared commons. One involves seeding marine stratocumulus clouds with water droplets or nanotechnology particles, making them more reflective to incoming light.

These will enable the ICJ to gain strength.

2050s future timeline

Each four-generation cycle begins with Idealist, ends with Adaptive, and consists of four crises, two spiritual and two secular. One answer to this is the introduction of ground-up olivine rock into certain areas of the ocean, which binds to carbonic acid to form bicarbonate.

The most prominent are those few nations who have actually benefited from climate change — such as Canada, Russia, Iceland and the Scandinavian countries. Though Brazil and Argentina have managed to retain a degree of stability, the mountainous northwestern countries are facing collapse through extreme drought.

By the end of this century, their influence will have greatly surpassed humanity's.

nanobots future timeline
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