An analysis of the results of the radical reconstruction of andrew jackson

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The Radical Republicans successful in their efforts to impeach United States President Andrew Johnson in the House, but failed by one vote in the Senate to remove him from office.

The Physical Reconstruction of the South: Much of the South was physically devastated and demoralized after the war.

Many slaves who had been restricted all their lives had no "where" to go—although they were elated to be free: the great day of jubilation, it was called—but this new state of freedom also caused confusion.

Reconstruction era

Nevertheless, teachers, including many women from New England, went South to help blacks. What were the lasting effects of Reconstruction on the American South? One response to the conditions in the South was the beginning of a mass exodus from the South by blacks into the Midwest and to the cities in the northern parts of the United States. Griffith produced one of the most famous and controversial films in American history, The Birth of a Nation. Although Washington and Du Bois differed significantly in their ideas about how to gain greater rights for African Americans, in the end they had the same goal—the elevation of black men and women to a higher status in American society. Railroad building tended to be concentrated in the trans-Mississippi area. In the first place, the leadership of the old plantation-slave-owning aristocracy was undermined. Many slave owners were glad to get rid of "burdensome slaves" and threw them out "just like Yankee capitalists. The act stated that Johnson could not dismiss cabinet officers who had been confirmed by the Senate without Senate approval. After slavery ended, Reconstruction was introduced to bring the former Confederate states back into the union. The act affirmed the right of freedmen to make contracts, sue, give evidence and to buy, lease and convey personal and real property. In they approved the far-reaching Fourteenth Amendment, which prohibited "states from abridging equality before the law.

The new constitutions were generally quite progressive and often ahead of those of the North in terms of expanded rights. Following Lincoln's assassination, Johnson's views now mattered a great deal.

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In reality, nevertheless, the latter rarely existed. One significant result of the war for the North was the fighting experience of thousands of soldiers who became laborers in the growing industries and often used the same tactics they employed on the battlefield against their bosses.

Once blacks improved themselves accordingly, they would be accepted as equals by whites, Washington predicted. These opponents of the Radicals demanded amnesty for all ex-Confederates, thus restoring their right to vote and hold public office.

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However the civil war, and more specifically the Reconstruction period following it tested these principles to the core. In the immediate aftermath of the war its most serious consequence was undoubtedly the rage that swept across the South, manifesting itself in bitterness and hatred of all things associated with the Union—or the North. Lincoln's assassination and the accession of Vice President Andrew Johnson to the highest office in the land set the stage for a showdown between Congress and the White House. In none of those cases would anything but lengthy and expensive occupations have sufficed to reinvent regimes that began conspiring to reverse battlefield defeat before the guns were barely cool; in none of those cases was enough of the country willing to use the force necessary to accompany liberation. A series of bitter political quarrels between President Johnson and Radical Republicans in Congress over Reconstruction Policy in the South eventually led to his impeachment. Grant's reputation as a general has always been high, but he was long thought to have been a failure as president. Would Lincoln have better completed what one historian calls the "unfinished revolution" in racial justice and equality begun by the Civil War?
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