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There to thwart McMurphy at every turn is Nurse Ratched, whose methods of treatment are so proscribed by rules and regulations that she can't see she's sometimes doing more harm than good.

This was the second English language film for Czech-born filmmaker Milos Forman, who would go on to win two Oscars one for this movie and one for Amadeusand was the picture that catapulted him onto the A-list for directors.

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Jack is a beloved American presence, a superb actor who even more crucially is a superb male sprite. McMurphy's fate, presented in such an uncompromising manner, is like a punch to the gut, and the last true act of friendship shown to him by Chief brings a tear to the eye. Has his life force run out at last? After a certain time, all the distracting elements fall away, all the transitory psychedelic stuff. Instead, she portrayed McMurphy's adversary as an inflexible woman who believed in what she was doing. When a fight breaks out and McMurphy attacks the orderly who told him this news, he is ordered to undergo shock treatment therapy. The final scene is meant to be cathartic, but it doesn't seem that way. This explains how McMurphy is able to bring Chief along on the fishing excursion in the novel, a detail not explained in the film. We discover that the Chief is not really mute, Billy need not stutter, and others need not be paralyzed by shyness or fear. Don't make a bit of sense to me. Is he giving up or manning up for another round with Ratched? Here is my best—and most coherent—guess. McMurphy undermines Ratched further when he steals a hospital bus and takes some of the patients out for a fishing expedition. It could for that matter have won, too, for cinematography Haskell Wexler and editing Richard Chew.

What is he thinking? His silence gives them speech. Bythough, he had to admit that he was too old to play the vital and goofy McMurphy, and he offered the project to his son, sometime-actor Michael.

During group therapy, Ratched exhibits a masterful talent for zeroing in on the most vulnerable emotional flashpoint that has driven each man into the hospital and exploits it for the sake of bullying them as a means of establishing dominance.

Even before he is brought back down from Disturbed the ward looks like it did in the first scene. The fishing trip, a key turning point in both works, is, however, less effective in the film.

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The initial excitement of having his handcuffs removed is abruptly replaced by a need to escape when he learns his stay in the hospital may be indefinite. John Spivey Scatman Crotehrs.

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They blend into the whiteness and blandness of their surroundings like nonpersons, cogs in a dehumanized, nameless, faceless machine. He laughs, he screams, he wise-cracks and sings, and through charisma, gall, and sheer will power stages something of a revolution, a reclaiming of rights for the patients. I have loved movies all my life. The small animal stops on the fence and looks towards the other side. For all that she is the film's villain, Ratched is not inherently malevolent. The one movie blog worth reading Intro I love movies. Former Creedence Clearwater Revival singer-songwriter John Fogerty's perception of Zaentz's business practices, coincidentally, were the subject of a disparaging song and video entitled "Zaentz Can't Dance.

Dressed in her quasi-military nurse's costume, with its little hat and its Civil War-style cape, she is dominatrix and warden, followed everywhere by the small, unspeaking nurse who is her acolyte. His McMurphy succeeds and prevails as a character, despite the imperfections of the film, because he represents that cleansing spirit that comes along now and again to renew us.

Even their outfits change from white to a lively, natural green.

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