Adjectives writing activities

Be able to create or select vivid adjectives to enhance their writing as they write and revise.

Adjectives activities for 2nd grade

You'll want to model the process too; I use the words slinky, stinky, and inky for my modeling, and I make sure the students understand that pinky is a noun, which is not why it's on my list, though pink is an adjective. The teacher will then model for students how selecting different adjectives, based on degrees remind them of yesterday's activity , changes the meaning of the adjectives in the sentence by making them even more precise. Each person in class will play matchmaker for an unattached friend or family member. What shape is my hair style? When students' drafts are complete, depending on your available curriculum time you could: Conference with individual students to help point out areas in their story where they could use adjectives to describe their real or fictional person in more detail, or select different adjectives that are more precise. The children share their sentences, and volunteers identify the correct kites and the describing words. In class, give your students a pair of adjectives which have similar meanings but are of different intensity.

Modeling and think alouds have been built into the lesson activities which will help provide additional support for all students.

Have students get into pairs and provide a few sentences for each pair of students to work with.

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You will need to walk around and help students be sure to ONLY choose adjectives for their set of words, which is a challenge when they have to rhyme. Continue until everyone has had a turn up front.

Teaching adjectives lesson plan

Ask your students to look around them when they are next on the bus or walking around outside of the school. Most of all have fun! Using the semantic gradients handout, the teacher will select one topic from the list and model placing the words in order from least to greatest in terms of degrees. What is my personality like? Continue the mix up until every student has worked with every other student to write a sentence using these creative words. Who is their favourite band? Feedback to Students The teacher will provide on the spot oral feedback and help students correct any misunderstandings they have acquired during the activities in the teaching phase day 2 semantic gradients activity and guided practice day 3 revising the sentence strips to add adjectives activity and day 4 using adjectives to describe the teacher activity. Click here to briefly share a technique you use to strengthen your students' awareness of adjectives that improve writing. These can hang around the room. During the Lesson: The following activities serve as formative assessments during the lesson: Teaching Phase: Day semantic gradients activity Guided Practice: Day revising the sentence strips to add adjectives activity, Day using adjectives to describe the teacher activity The teacher will use these activities to measure students' understanding of correctly identifying adjectives in a sentence, using adjectives correctly in a sentence, and distinguishing the shades of meaning among closely related adjectives. Then discard one. One at a time, students come to the front of the room. Teachers can develop their own rubric to assess students' writing or use the attached rubric. Day 3: The teacher will write a simple sentence on the board.

On each turn, pick up one card either from the draw pile or the discard pile. The teacher could replace a few of the adjectives with adjectives with a slightly different shade of meaning and ask students how that change impacts the sentence.

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Are they quite or very talkative?

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