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The MEK has played a leading role in the protests taking place across Iran.

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The same source reports that in Septemberthe Ministry of Science announced that students who faced restrictions from universities for their political activism were allowed to resume their studies, although this pertained only to students who faced restrictions since ibid.

He regarded this lack of organization as a "display of people's awareness and sense and their interest in the country's revolutionary cause and security".

Videos online also showed demonstrations in the northern city of Noshahrwith protesters shouting "death to the dictator".

Iran protests 2019

Similarly, in correspondence with the Research Directorate, an affiliate of the Graduate Faculty of Political Science at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa who has researched Iranian politics, indicated that, for the period of until December , [t]here are no reports of the common practice during Ahmadinejad's presidency of giving student activists 'stars' and then using 'star branding' to prevent them from pursuing their education. Even the annual meetings of the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, with representatives of the university students have recorded such protests. Panahi is known to actively support the protests in Iran and is said to be making a documentary about the steelworkers. In the past two years, about a dozen student associations that had been suspended under the previous administration were allowed to renew their work. All parts of the Iranian establishment have duly responded with various forms of denial. The higher echelons of university administrations have remained largely silent over the attacks on campuses, although hundreds of lecturers and some senior officials have resigned in protest, says Gorji. The US Country Reports states that medical treatment is "routinely denied" to prisoners and that authorities "continued to deny treatment at external facilities for Bahareh Hedayat, a women's and students' rights defender sentenced in , who suffered from serious gynecological problems" US 13 Apr. In some demonstrations, protestors provocatively chanted "Reza Shah, bless your soul", a reference to Reza Shah , the leader of Iran during —41 and founder of the Pahlavi dynasty that was deposed in the revolution that led to establishment of the current government. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, President Rouhani and ex-President Mohammad Khatami—as well as much of the anti-regime opposition abroad—all decry the state ownership of the economy and have supported various privatization schemes in the last three decades. Labor leaders like Bakhshi and Najati, who were both tortured in prison, have the potential to become national figures. Dissent has also been expressed in schools.

Article 10 of this law requires the licensing of all organizations and associations by an official commission created under the law, and that all demonstrations and other public assemblies are authorized in advance by the authorities.

In the absence of a student union like Tahkim Vahdat which brought together all Islamic student associations in the s, in the recent years, active students of prominent universities have created informal networks and websites to organize their collective activities.

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This includes the Discipline Committees, assigned by Ministry of Higher Education and responsible for penalizing students who commit administrative, political, and moral violations. They have also led to some changes in fiscal budget and economic reform priorities. In addition, hardline judges are often hand-picked by intelligence and security agencies to preside over political cases, and convictions are frequently made on the basis of forced "confessions. Arash Azizi is a New York-based writer and academic. Opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi appeared to back the protests yesterday, posting a statement on a reformist website. The authenticity of the videos could not immediately be verified. Similarly, hardliners are ignoring the fact that the protesters are venting their anger against the religious regime as a whole. Many Iranians hoped relief from sanctions would result in economic prosperity; however, benefits have not reached the average Iranian.

The question remains: Can various working-class actions around the country team up and present a political challenge to Tehran? Recently 14 of us have been banned from class.

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One teacher in a Tehran school told the Observer that such gestures of rebellion were widespread. Voice of People after the admin who published the post calling for violence was dismissed. Revolutionary goals Despite the repression, researchers are surprisingly optimistic about the eventual outcome of the protests. According to AI, in August the Ministry of Science stated that " formerly banned students had been allowed to resume their studies" AI June , 9. The protests in Iran have not cooled off, they're just beginning. And that suggests that while the most recent uprising may be winding down, similar uprisings are likely in the future. The same source indicates that of the university academics arrested after the elections "for engaging in peaceful protests or exercising their right to freedom of expression, … many were still imprisoned as of March " ibid.

Police responded with tear gas. Conversely, the current movement in Iran extends across the country; even in Qom, a very conservative city where unrest is usually thought highly unlikely, people have been out on the streets chanting against the regime.

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Economic issues are far more important today than they were for the primarily middle-class protesters of Protesters also shouted: "Khamenei, shame on you, leave the country alone! Correspondence with the Research Directorate. The Green Movement came to an end when the regime placed its leaders under house arrest. Campuses at universities in Isfahan, Shiraz and other cities have also been attacked. State television reported that six of these deaths occurred after rioters tried to storm a police station in Qahdarijan with the intention of stealing weapons. The student protests in against the closure of Salam, a reformist newspaper, were confined to Tehran.

Nabavi, arrested inis currently serving a ten-year prison sentence for "creating unease in the public mind" due to his peaceful student activism.

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Here’s How Protests and Strikes Are Leading Change in Iran