A history of russia and the russian revolution

Tsar was another name for Caesar as the Russians called their empire the "Third Rome".

A history of russia and the russian revolution

The Tsarist government is overthrown. What happened next was not just a revolution, but multiple revolutions; a rejection not just of the state, but of all figures of authority: judges, policemen, government officials, army and navy officers, priests, teachers, employers, landowners, village elders, and patriarchally minded fathers and husbands.

He wins reelection inbut resigns innaming former KGB agent Vladimir Putinhis prime minister, as acting president.

russian revolution timeline

Linen's side won and the communist state the Soviet Union was born in However, the Germans invaded Russia in Under pressure from the Allies, Russia launched a new offensive in mid-June His reform efforts include perestroika restructuring the Russian economyglasnost greater openness and summit talks with U.

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